The 15 Drummers We’re Obsessed With Right Now... And you should be too.

Check out what this article says about Venzella Joy on Let’s get one thing straight: A person’s capacity to produce good music has nothing to do with gender. Unfortunately, the male-dominated music industry tends to suggest otherwise; sexist commentary is prevalent and female musicians are usually placed in an entirely different category than their male counterparts. This is a problem because the focus shifts away from the talent and gender takes precedence. In other words, female musicians are deemed secondary. Check Out the full article on here:

Venzella Joy On touring with Beyonce

When Buffalo-native, Venzella Joy Williams, was a young drummer with dreams of making it big, her mother was her greatest inspiration. If things were moving slowly with her music or if she had doubts about pursuing her passion, Joy’s mom would say to her, “I see your dreams coming true.” At 26 years old, with her family’s support, her love of drumming, and an unshakable spirit of integrity and determination, Venzella Joy has achieved a level of success that suggests her mother’s early encouragement might have been more premonition than parental bias. As the most recent addition to the musical force behind the one-and-only Beyoncé, Joy now spends her days playing sold-out international arenas

Lockport Native Plays Drums for Beyonce at Super Bowl 50

They call her "Joy the Drummer" and she started playing as child in church. Now she plays drums for superstar singer Beyonce. "l'm a football lover, football fan, but having your baby sister be a part of these events just takes you over the edge, and it's very exciting. I wish my mother was here to see it. She's here in spirit but definitely a new twist to the Super Bowl season this year for me," said Edtasha New, Venzella Joy Williams' older sister. Williams has been on tour with Beyonce and Jay Z and played at the White House for Michelle Obama's 50th birthday celebration. Her sister said she's doing pretty good for a little girl from the suburbs. Read the Full Article here: http://www.twc

Local drummer shares the stage with Beyonce

Venzella Joy has gone from playing drums in her church to sharing a stage with one of the world's biggest superstars. The drummer for Beyonce is a native of Buffalo. WBFO's Porsha Ari shares her story. Check Venzella Joys audio interview on WBFO here:

Wiki Drummers sits down w/ Venzella Joy

Wiki Drummers met Venzella in a lounge of the superb Hotel du Collectionneur (where all the musicians and dancers of the tour were accommodated) in Paris, France. This was a three part interview! For the full interview head over to Wiki Drummers by clicking here:

Back Stage w/ Elias: Venzella Joy

In 2014 Elias Benavides sat down with Venzella Joy to discuss everything from her upbringing to the feeling of working both Beyonce and JayZ. Take a look below: A few years back, I was running the sound system at a church for a music performance. All of a sudden, there was a different drummer performing, it was some girl playing, and she was really good. We spoke afterwards. She told me her name was Venzella. She told me about what she was doing musically, including playing with an all female gospel group from Buffalo. Like many musicians, church played a big part in her musical path. Venzella Joy is the youngest of 8. She was born in Lockport, NY but raised in the city of Buffalo. Her sibli

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