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Venzella Joy Signature

Venzella Joy is pop music's premier female drummer. She gained a great deal of worldwide recognition as the heartbeat of Beyonce’s all-girl band. Venzella Joy was born in Lockport, New York.  She began playing drums at the tender age of 10 receiving her earliest training at her local church. Allured by the rhythms of drums and cymbals she joined her school band. After high school Joy attended Canisius College in Buffalo, NY and graduated with a B.A. in Criminal Justice with a minor in music.

That same year Joy joined the cast of MTV’s Making His Band where she was noticed as a female drummer who gave new meaning to the phrase “hit like a girl”. As Joy’s musical career began to thrive, her personal life weakened at the passing of her mother.

Venzella Joy referenced her mother's words, "I see your dreams coming true," in her first single, Live released in 2014. Those dreams finally came true in February of 2014 when she became the drummer for Beyonce, and joined the all-female band for the "Mrs. Carter World Tour". Shortly after returning, Joy hit the road again on Jay-Z & Beyonce's "On The Run Tour".

Today this highly sought after entertainer travels the world captivating audiences with her hypnotic rhythms and mesmerizing performances. When not touring with Queen Bey, Venzella Joy divides her career between, acting, producing music and performing as an independent artist.  

Venzella Joy is also an entrepreneur and endorses some of the hottest brands for musicians: 

Venzella Joy Endorsement DW
Venzella Joy Endorsement Zildjan
Venzella Joy Endorsement Vater
Venzella Joy Endorsement KickPort
Venzella Joy Endorsement Yamaha DTX
Venzella Joy Endorsement CYMPAD
Venzella Joy Endorsement Tuner Fish
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